Unlock Your Potential with a Data Science Degree in New York

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Courses

The modern world runs on data, and if you want to be at the forefront of the data field then getting a data science degree is the perfect first step to unlock your future potential. Companies all over the country and the world are actively recruiting data scientists who understand how to collect, analyze, and draw meaningful conclusions from collected big data sets. With the degree training programs that we offer at RSquare Edge, you will be uniquely positioned to succeed in the ever growing and highly profitable world of big data science.

Classes that Unlock Your Potential

At RSquare Edge we offer you a data science degree in New York that can help you get a job at nearly any company in the world. All of the major Fortune 500 companies are recruiting data scientists, and when you have a hard-earned degree in data science on your resume, they will view you as the perfect candidate for the job. We prepare you for such a job with a 12 week long CDAP program that lets employers know that you have excellent data science training. Employers will view your time in our program as real world experience, and they will feel confident that you are prepared to use your data science skills to solve real world problems. Let your analytical expertise do the talking with a degree in data science.

Apply Today

To begin your journey to a data science degree at RSquare Edge, simply go online today and fill out the application. Submit this application along with your resume, and we will immediately review your eligibility and your enthusiasm. After reviewing your application, we will have you take an aptitude test. This test is designed to gauge your ability to compete in the world of data science, and to determine whether our program will help you hone your potential into the form that a potential employer may desire. Having an undergraduate level degree is necessary to apply, but any higher level degree is also welcome in our program.

Once your application is complete, we will contact you with a decision on your admission status, and if you are admitted you can quickly begin classes in the CDAP program! The cost of tuition is affordable, and it will quickly pay for itself as graduates with a data science degree routinely have starting salaries in the six figure range, making our training a smart investment in your future. Don’t languish away at a job that you don’t love when you could excel at something both exciting and in demand in the modern workplace. With our help, you can start your data science adventure and become a high earning professional data scientist with ease.

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