What You Get From A Data Science Certificate In New York

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Courses

Every business is starting to focus on analytics and will now require professionals who already have these skills under their belt. However, more and more people are wondering if a data science certificate in New York is necessary or helpful in getting a job, especially one where you won’t be an analytical scientist. However, the point remains that companies want this skill from their employees and are willing to pay more for those who have it.

CDAP Program

The CDAP program teaches you about Hadoop and its technologies, as well as how to deploy, build and manage complex analytic applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

RSquare Edge offers an innovative and complete 12-week boot camp program that uses the most up-to-date curriculum and meets industry standards. Therefore, you’ll get to learn about what the best minds feel is necessary and cutting-edge, making you an asset to any company or team.

This program works differently than others in that you already work in the field and have a degree from a university. However, even all these degrees and knowledge may not be enough to get you hired, which is why a data science certificate in New York can help. You’ll get something that complements what you already learned and helps ready you for your new job.

RSquare Edge will also help you find a job after you’ve finished. They’ve got lists of startup companies and Fortune 500 companies ready for someone like you.

However, you don’t have to be jobless to benefit from a data science certificate in New York. Your current position may require that you learn more about analytics and how it affects business, or you may want to consider a promotion that deals more with analytics.

Whatever your goals, certification can help, especially if it goes along with the training you’ve already received.


It’s important to understand what the curriculum is and how you’ll learn before making a final decision. For example, with RSquare Edge, you’ll receive education on computing, business, and statistics, including management, databases, reporting and analysis. Plus, you’ll learn from acclaimed teachers, so you know the information you receive is correct and up-to-date.

It can be scary to move into a new career or find out that you’re ill-prepared after all the education you received. However, it can be easy to take one more 12-week course to realize your full potential.

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