How To Get A Data Science Certificate In New York

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Courses

Employers are increasingly looking for applicants that can bring a lot to the table in terms of skills, knowledge, and education. This makes having additional certification important to the job search and interview process. Data science is a rapidly growing field with applications in virtually every industry, making it a certification with limitless possibilities. Here are a few tips on how to get a data science certificate in New York.


Look For A Reputable Institution

The first place to start is to find a reputable institution to attend. The internet can provide a wealth of information, and there is nothing inherently wrong with taking online courses, but be sure that you find a school with a physical address – preferably one within the United States. Even if your classes are online, this give you a physical place to go if you need to sort out any issues, file any complaints, or receive extra assistance. Be sure that the course you take offers you some form of certification upon successful completion, in order to have something to prove you did indeed receive that training. Many programs, like those offered by RSquare Edge, will provide you with nationally recognized certification if you successfully complete the course, and have experienced instructors on staff to give the most applicable education possible.


Take The Courses Seriously

Chances are, you’re getting this particular certification after completing at least one post-secondary degree or are taking this course after being in the workplace for a while. In either case, it can be tempting to lapse into laziness, and not take the course seriously, especially if you’re tired of school or have been in a fast-paced job for quite some time. Avoid this temptation, and focus on the program at hand in order to ensure that you learn the most, and that you successfully complete the program. If possible, remember the mistakes you made in college or university by not taking one or two of those courses seriously and apply those lessons to this course. Remember that this certification can help you get the job you want, so it’s important to learn all you can. Consider it an extension of your former education, or a different type of work-related task. Set aside some time each night for homework and to focus on course materials, study for all tests, and complete all assignments within the required timeframe. This will help you learn more, and complete the program successfully.


Look Into Scholarship Opportunities

Many recent grads and long-time employees simply lack the funds to return to school for further education, especially for certification such as this. In these cases, check and see if the institution you are interested in attending offers scholarship programs. In some cases, there are grants and scholarships available for students who are in need. Companies such as RSquare Edge set out this information on their website, so you can easily check online instead of in person or on the phone.

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