Use Conference Interpretation Services to Deliver Conferences for Multilingual Audiences

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Education Information

Conferences have proven to be one of the best places for individuals within a given industry to satisfy their highly motivated desire for constant and never ending self-improvement in their fields.  In addition to the invaluable networking that can be done to stay in touch with high profile individuals, you will often learn crucial skills and strategies from high achievers, which can then be taken back to the workplace and applied immediately for greater results. That’s not to say that conferences can’t also be entertaining for those attending, but primarily they serve as a tool for self-directed learning and education.

However, given that people in large industries speak multiple languages and may not be fluent in the universal language of English, conference interpretation services are often required to reach out to those arriving from other countries. Many people are only fluent in their home country’s native language, and they do not have the time or money to learn an additional language before attending these conferences.

Benefits of Offering Multilingual Services

From the perspective of the conference organizers, offering conference interpretation services in more than one language is almost guaranteed to attract a more diverse pool of attendees. Not only is this a great way to hit the required quota numbers for paying off the costs of the event, but it also allows  the conference to gain a good international reputation amongst many countries. In turn, this increases the likelihood of increasing interest in the event on an annual basis. For this reason, offering such services seems to be one of the easiest things any organizer can do to boost the diversity, quantity, and quality of conference attendees. The extra cost to acquire these services is negligible compared to the long-term benefits of having a multilingual conference.

Who Can Provide These Services?

There is an overwhelming abundance of agencies and companies worldwide which provide multilingual services to corporations and conference hosts at affordable prices. The individuals responsible for translating the material, whether in live-time or on paper for the attendee to follow along with, are very well trained in the language(s) you may want to offer at your event, and come highly recommended based on their years of experience with a given language.

Diversification has been one of the main talking points of the 21st century, often being cited as a key factor of growth amongst many companies worldwide. However, this cannot be done without a mutual understanding between people, which in turn requires that multilingual services are set in place in order for effective communication to take place. Conference hosts that can adapt to this and provide conference interpretation services will be ahead of their competition and will remain relevant for many years to come.

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