Why Study Data Science?

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Career and Education

Data science is an exciting field to be in today. In fact, many people are making good money with excellent benefits and the future looks good. These are very good reasons to learn data science in New York, but how does one go about it and is this really the right field to enter in the 21st Century? Let’s take a closer look and see.


What is Data Science?

Data science is all about the information age and the best way to utilize data for business purposes. However, it’s not just for business as other fields like medicine, healthcare and even the sports world benefits by processing information. Data science involves taking information and extracting the insights and knowledge from it. This can include creating statistics, analysis, predictive analysis and developing data bases of knowledge.


Data Benefits All Business in Some Way

No matter what business you are in, information can make it better. You can learn data science in New York to benefit the financial, manufacturing, leisure automotive, transportation industries as well as local and national government agencies. Everyone is seeking information and extracting what they need from it. It doesn’t matter which business sector you choose to work in, there is a place for data science today and far into the future.


No More Worrying

Two of the most common issues people worry about today is money and security. Once you take the time to learn data science in New York from an established facility like RSquare Edge, you can greatly increase your earning power. In fact, many data scientists today are making six figure incomes and when you have a good paying job (which is in high demand) you no longer have to be concerned about where your next paycheck is coming from. This industry is here to stay and is basically immune to recessions.


More Options in Life

Perhaps you are thinking about moving to another part of the country. You might have visions of living in California, Arizona or maybe Florida. A career in data science can make these dreams come true, because these jobs are in demand everywhere.


You Can Start with a Bachelor Degree

With a Bachelor Degree in statistics, IT or data science, you can be well on your way to a career in data analysis. After this training is over, you can choose to specialize and RSquare Edge is there to help. Perhaps you would like to be a machine learning specialist or someone proficient in Hadoop. We can help you get the training you need to enhance and supplement your degree. Click here to check into our 12 week certification course today.

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