Math Touches Us All

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Education Information, Educational Importance

Everything inside and outside of the human body is effected by math. Some math is naturally occurring while others are a scientific human made process. No matter the type of math what does matter is our understanding of how important math is and if it wasn’t the universal language our species wouldn’t even exists today. The best way to help students gain this understanding is with diagnostic math tests.

Natural Math

The human body is a series of complex mathematical timings that nature has evolved over the ages to make us a functioning machine. The beating of our heart is mathematically regulated to the size of our body, the way our brain processes information is signals being sent which are then processed by our mind. Every process in the body is set by the timing that nature has evolved inside of us. If that timing is off then the body’s ability to function begins to break down.

Human Created Math

In manufacturing, math is absolutely mandatory as it helps us create the machines that make our lives easier. Our car engines run on very specific timings. The rate at which or world spins gives us the ability to use GPS for our planes to navigate with using man made satellites. The world is starting to slow its rate of rotation about 1.7 millimeters every century. Even this incredibly slow rate of rotational loss means that satellites have to constantly be in contact with man made ground stations that keep it updated. This ensures that when our planes want to land on a runway they are doing so exactly where they want to be and not miss it by a half a mile. It is all because of human made mathematics.

It All Starts with a Math Tests

Knowledge Tools offers diagnostic math tests that teachers can give their students in order to offer them a better education. They can customize their teaching methods to better meet the needs of those they are teaching. Visit their website today and find out how an online math tests could help students be better prepared for the future of our planet.

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