Understanding the Strategy Underlying Tier 2 Interventions in Minneapolis

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Career and Education

Tier 2 Interventions provide advanced support to students who need more help. When students struggle, additional support often makes the difference between thriving and failing. Our team has designed a holistic approach that’s helped tons of SEL students.

Direct One-on-One Support

The Tier 2 interventions focus on supporting students by giving them 1-on-1 help at its core. Spending time with them in private usually makes it easier to isolate trouble areas. Then, counselors work together with students to show them how to find solutions.

6 & 12 Week Course Options

When deciding to enroll, you have 2 course length options to choose from. The 6-week program uses an abridged version of the 12-week program’s curriculum. If a student doesn’t need as much help, the shorter length can be less burdensome. But, the 12-week option may provide better results, especially with struggling students.

Identify Key Goals and Device Actionable Strategies

More than academics, students learn to devise strategies emphasizing 4 key goal areas. Integrating personal, emotional, social and academic goals into an action plan is important. We’ve helped many students create plans and learn the skills needed to follow through on them.

A Holistic Approach With Evidence-Based Results

By integrating multiple domains, students experience improvements in nearly every aspect of life. Even living at home can feel better since they’ll develop social and emotional skills, too.

EmpowerU offers evidence-based support for SEL students throughout Minneapolis.

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