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One of the Best Unconventional Schools for Middle Schoolers in Saint Paul

Imagine a school that has a focus on critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning. Instead of teaching a text or a voice as the ultimate authority, multiple perspectives are provided on a subject. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to explore. Continue reading about the tuition-free school in Saint Paul MN.

Making Children Better Critical Thinkers

All children in elementary schools are taught to read. But not all students become critically literate. The tuition-free school in Saint Paul MN is different. The children are not just taught to summarize a text. They are also taught perspective. So a child, for instance, would also be given information on an author’s background and his place of origin. The focus is on creating empathy. We are all emotional beings. And children like to connect with others. A child can understand a story at a deeper level when he can connect with a protagonist. Not only that, but an interest in reading books is also developed. In the end, we all exceed at what we like.

An Inclusive Special Education

Contrary to popular belief, students do not fail because of lack of willpower. A student can be very talented and bright. But he can be suffering from anxiety. Also, learning disabilities exist. The tuition-free school in Saint Paul MN has small classrooms. And the school serves students in grades five to eight. Uniforms are required. According to the institution, uniforms minimize distractions and contribute to equality. All pupils are given a social worker and a tutor. There are literacy and math tutors. In order to learn more, contact Laura Jeffrey Academy.