Three Reasons Why the Stories of Holocaust Survivors Are Priceless

by | May 17, 2022 | Education

Whether in person or through a video or book, listening to the story of a Holocaust survivor is something that everyone should experience. However, these stories are at risk of disappearing as time goes by and survivors become fewer. Here are three reasons why it’s important to preserve these priceless Holocaust survivor stories.

Make Sure the Holocaust is Never Forgotten

The significance of the breadth and scope of the atrocities of the Holocaust means that it must never be forgotten, and survivor stories are one of the best ways to keep the memory alive. Remembrance is important both for honoring the lives lost and preventing future tragedies.

Highlight the Human Experience

Historical events often seem cold and distant, but first-hand accounts from those who experienced it make history more real and immediate. Holocaust survivor stories emphasize that the horror and tragedy affected real people and drive home the true human cost. Many people report being changed by hearing a survivor’s story.

Promote Healing for Future Generations

One of the best ways to heal trauma is talking about it. When survivors share their stories of pain, tragedy, and perseverance, they not only preserve the memory of the Holocaust but also help to heal themselves and their families. Holocaust survivor stories are important for future generations.

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