Job Considerations After A Data Science Certificate In New York City

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Education Information

While many of our students at RSquare Edge travel to New York to complete training and then find jobs outside of this area, a lot of our students are local. These may be students graduating from college or university, often with a computer science degree or a business degree, including an MBA or another advanced type of program.

A Practical Addition to a Resume

The focus of our data science certificate through RSquare Edge adds a practical element to their resume. Hiring managers tend to look differently at a university degree where there was a smattering of big data and data analytics in the course and our dedicated, intensive 12-week data analytics training.

In and around the New York City area, as well as in the large companies across the state and even nationally and internationally, our data science certificate is recognized. This is because many of the leaders in industry in this area contribute to the development of our program, and they often provide guest lectures and attend our job fairs and meet and greet functions.

For Current Professionals

Many current professionals attend our programs as well, which gives our cohort groups a great mix of experience and latest in research and applications. For those already working in the field, the data science certificate shows their level of training and directly links to personal motivation and professional development.

Many of the current data science and management analytics types of professionals have been self-taught or learned through workshops and specific trainings. By attending our full program and earning the CDAP (Certified Data Analytics Practitioner) designation, hiring managers understand the skill level you have just by seeing the course on your resume.

Job Options

At RSquare Edge, we keep informed as to where our New York graduates end up working. Many are hired before they complete the training program, which we believe is a mark of the quality of the programs, instructors and knowledge we provide.

Within these graduates we find they are working in areas such as:

Web analytics

  Customer analytics

  Management analytics

*   Statisticians

*   Senior data analysts,

*   Business intelligence analyst

*   Customer information

  Market intelligence

   *   Sales analysis

Additionally, many of our graduates from RSquare Edge also begin working with startup companies where they may plan a very important role in company growth, problem-solving and overall effective management strategies.

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