Cosmetology Courses: Understand their Depth and Benefit

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Education Information

Cosmetology is a very interesting career field. There are many courses that you can take that vary from hair styling to beauty tech. However, there is more to it than just learning about the actual process of cosmetology. Before you enroll in cosmetology schools in Chicago, you need to understand the courses and how they fit with your schedule and much more. Entering into the field of cosmetology can give you lucrative skills that allow you to travel anywhere in the world and be able to provide quality beauty services. In fact, the more you hone your skills, the more likely it is that you will be successful no matter where you start working. With hard work and dedication you may even be able to open your own salon in the future.

Take Courses that Fit with Your Current Schedule

Whether you have a full time job or you are a full time parent there are cosmetology courses available that will easily fit into your schedule. You should always make sure that you make plenty of time for any courses you want to take and consider the length of them, as well. You will need 1500 hours of course study and instruction in order to be able to qualify for the Illinois Beauty Culture License exam. With this knowledge you should be able to choose from any number of cosmetology courses that get you to the point of gaining 1500 hours of study. Most beauty schools have many different classes in varying lengths. Typical course lengths for cosmetology classes include the following; 47 weeks, 61 ½ weeks, and 108 weeks. It is a good idea to check with the beauty school you wish to attend to find out the exact details for courses and their length.

It’s All in the Curriculum

Of course the bulk of what you are going to learn from a beauty school is in the curriculum. You will receive 1500 hours of basic training, practical chemical applications and hair treatments, hair styling and hair dressing, salon management, sanitation, and interpersonal relations to name a few and depending on what you wish to study. Each course will include training and educational materials that pertain to the precise subject matter. You can expect to learn general theories, how to use tools in the cosmetology industry, how chemicals work and sanitation with hands-on experience so what you learn can be put to practical use.

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