The Benefits of a School for a Learning Disabled Child in St. Louis County

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Career and Education

You may be apprehensive about sending your child to a special needs school. However, your child can greatly benefit from attending a special needs school. There are several reasons you should send your child to a school that supports children with learning disabilities, in St. Louis County.

Gain Independence

A parent’s greatest fear for their child with a learning disability, is they will never live independently. However, a school located in St. Louis County that specifically designs an individual academic, social and transition program to meet the needs of each child’s particular learning disability, can provide them with the skills leading to independence.

Necessary Support

Children who have special needs oftentimes need extra support to learn. This includes things such as specific accommodations and one to one remediation. The teachers are qualified and experienced to work with special needs students.

Develop Lasting Friendships

It can be difficult for a student with special needs to make friends. However, if they go to a school that serves other students with special needs, they soon see that their peers are working through their learning challenges as well.They will meet people who have similar struggles as them.

Individualized Education Plans

One of the reasons that children with special needs struggle in school is because the educational plans are often tailored to fit every child. The children in special needs school have an individualized education plan. They will also have access to speech therapy, tutoring and counseling.

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