3 Unique Job Options After Completing A Data Science Course

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Career and Education

When many people think of a data science course and the jobs that are available after completion, they tend to think of big companies with large marketing departments.

This may be particularly relevant where some of the largest global companies have their headquarters. However, at Amity Future Academy we find that many of our graduates from our data science course are not necessarily looking for those big corporate hires, so we offer a top variety of different smaller companies, start ups and unique job opportunities at our job fairs and meet and greet opportunities for students and business.

Startup Companies

Anywhere around the country start up companies, some with incredible potential in diverse markets and with unique products, are demanding data analytic professionals. These companies understand the importance of not only harvesting information but being able to use it in ways to strengthen their business model and their overall growth and development.

Social Sciences

It may be very out of the box to think of applying your training through our data science course in the fields of social sciences and humanities, but the need to measured, analysis and problem solve using big data is widespread in just about every research field.

For those interested in a true research-based type of job, medical research, pharmaceutical companies and even consumer behaviour types of analytics are increasing playing a role in product development as well as actual life-changing initiatives.

After all, in all sciences and research, data analysis is critical in making decisions. Combined with the business model and training that forms the basis of big data analysis, graduates of data science course are essential in these types of jobs and career possibilities.


Virtually all advertising, either online or through more traditional media sources, are using aspects of big data to learn more about consumer behaviour.

This is linked back to both those smaller start up companies and across the country, but also to the very established businesses working on a national or international scale.

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