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Three reasons why a special education school would be good for your child

Having a child with a learning disability comes with a lot of sacrifices and challenges. While our desire is for your child feel safe and normal, just like other children, we also know that placing them in an environment where they can thrive is equally as important. Here are three reasons why a special education school might be the best option for your child.

Social Bonding

Your child will have an easier time socializing with other kids. Students with disabilities often have a difficult time connecting with others their own age. Sometimes this can even lead to bullying from other kids. Attending a school that offers practical and hands-on social skills lessons, provides receptive and expressive language skills support, and a small environment to “practice” their social skills, your child’s social skills will improve along with their self-esteem and self-image.

Specially-trained teachers

Traditional schools do have learning consultants. But with the overwhelming number of students needing intervention, students do not always receive the amount of support needed on a one to one basis.

School curriculum specially tailored for them

Our team of specialists will work together to design a specific curriculum for your child based on their learning style, academic ability, their strengths and challenges, providing a personal learning experience that will support their foundation for a successful adulthood.

Academy of St. Louis is a fully accredited private, Catholic, special education school in St. Louis, MO. The Academy provides a safe, functional, and encouraging learning environment for kids with a variety of learning disabilities from kindergarten to 12th grade. If you are ready to give your child the tools to help them gain the confidence and skills needed for adulthood, give us a call now for more information or to schedule a tour at our special education school in St. Louis, MO.