Why Learning Statistics is Important

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Online Education

Statistics are various sets of math equations that are used to analyze and study the world around us. There is so much going on in the world right now that it can be difficult to determine what makes everything the way it is. Statistics can inform us of various trends that can be useful in learning about the past and predicting things that could happen in the future. Here are some basic examples as to why statistics is so important.

* If you have ever wondered how meteorologists get the information that they need to predict the weather, then wonder no more. It is through the world of statistics. They use computer models that are built with the help of statistics that also helps to compare previous weather conditions to the current ones, to help predict future weather forecasts.

* Emergency management agencies are able to use statistics to help rescue people from tornadoes. Statistics has the ability to help them determine when there is going to be a tornado or hurricane and be ready to help when they do in fact occur.

* Statistics are also used to predict diseases and when they are most likely to occur. They help experts determine who is most likely to be diagnosed with cancer or diabetes, for example. They take numbers from the past, compare them with current numbers, to help predict the future.

* Statistics are consistently used in politics to determine how voters will vote in the election and who the potential winner will be. They use models to help predict winners by using various statistics to help them predict the outcome.

* By comparing rates in your neighborhood. Insurance companies use statistics to determine what type of rates to offer you when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. They can also determine what to charge you on car insurance based on those people who live in your neighborhood.

Statistics are used in almost every business both big and small. Retail stores use statistics to help determine what products they need to order. Statistics is also used for quality testing purposes. There is no limit to what it can accomplish.

If you are currently studying statistics and are currently struggling, you should get an online statistics tutor to help you through your struggles. You may not think that statistics is that important, but mastering it can make your life a whole lot easier in the long run.

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