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Understanding How to Create Positive Change Against Anti-Semitism

There are a host of different areas where hate still is evident in America. One of the most troubling is anti-semitism. Prejudice of any group of people often leads to a wide variety of expressions of intolerance and can also lead to hate crimes.

Looking at The Roots

It is difficult to understand how anti-semitism could still have a footing in America, especially after the horrors of the Holocaust. However, there are still notable pockets that exist across the country. While there are spotty cases of anti-Jewish individuals, some of the larger groups of people who show intolerance towards Jewish people are those from other faiths. This is troubling considering that America is widely known as the world’s Melting Pot, with people of all nations represented within its borders.

Changing the Narrative

One of the most important ways this issue can be addressed is through raising awareness of the plight of those who suffer from prejudice and intolerance. Communities can begin to eradicate misconceptions about Judaism by implementing interfaith programs that bring people from many faiths together for common causes that benefit their community.

In addition, addressing the false narratives of prejudice through proper educational platforms offers a significant boost in helping to eradicate this societal problem. If you are looking for an excellent resource to help battle anti-semitism, the Zachor Foundation is a free resource and interactive teaching tool. The foundation focuses on reversing intolerance of Jewish people through education. You can learn more about their programs at