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Finding the Best Ways to Address Bullying in Education and Social Media

Of all the most challenging experiences a person can have in their lifetime, bullying is one of the worst. The ramifications of constant bullying are often long-lasting and life-changing. But there are ways to reduce and eliminate persistent bullying.

Addressing Bullying in Schools and Society

It is essential to ensure that Americans address the issue of bullying on a much broader scale. People have different opinions, which can be strongly felt. But the idea of tearing down and harassing another person for their race, outward appearance, culture, religion, status, educational capabilities, social differences, or financial status simply because they are different should not be tolerated. This is where education boards, social media platforms, and societal groups can take the lead.

Creating Societal Changes

The best way to ensure change occurs is through creating healthier environments with guidelines and healthy boundaries that deter any opportunity for bullying to grow and thrive. Administrators should implement zero-tolerance for bullying guidelines in school systems and on social media platforms.

Having safe venues where students, parents, employees, social media users, and group participants can speak up is vital to creating safety. Open forums are helpful in holding those who bully to account for their poor behavior towards others.

There are great online platforms designed to publicly address the issues of bullying such as, “I-SHOUT-OUT.” This online platform is designed for anyone wanting to speak up against intolerance, injustice, racism, or bullying in their lives or the lives of others. You can learn more about their website at