Where to Turn When You Need to Have the Best Trained Scuba Divers

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Diving School

Many industries rely on scuba divers to accomplish the bulk of their work. To have a job with most working hours spent underwater takes a certain type of individual. Providing the training necessary for these jobs takes a certain type of instruction.

Top of the Line Training

Scuba diving training and certification are prerequisites for jobs that include those in dangerous and highly explosive underwater work related to hazardous materials and hazardous waste operations. Commercial diving companies need their divers to have the training and experience that comes with knowledge of potential dangers that can save lives. Veterans frequently move on to these jobs that offer excitement and discipline that were seen in the military.

What the Packages Include

Inclusion in this scuba diving training includes classroom time, physical training as well as underwater experience. Training includes beginner diving skills up to very experienced. No prior diving experience or certification is necessary before instruction begins. Open water certification will be received upon graduation of any of the programs.

Prerequisites for Scuba Diving Training

Potential students need to show that they can swim 400 meters and be able to tread water for a timed test of 10 minutes before they will be accepted to one of the programs. They also need to pass a physical exam that targets scuba divers and the physical requirements necessary for diving.

Programs for Employment in Underwater Work Industries

Industries that use professionally trained and skilled scuba divers include welding and burning as well as air/mixed gas surface supplied diving (AMG). The military frequently contracts with civilian companies for their diving needs.


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