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What Are the Advantages of a Low Residency MFA Visual Arts Program?

There are some circumstances in which art school seems like a dream that just can’t be pursued in a practical sense. If you live on your own or have other obligations, you may not think you have the time for education. However, a low residency MFA visual arts program provides you with the flexibility that will allow you to pursue your artistic dreams.

Spend Less Time on Campus
This type of program requires you to spend some time attending classes on campus, but there’s also the opportunity to combine classroom attendance with virtual learning. This frees you up to pursue other obligations without having to significantly disrupt your daily routine. You’ll also save on fuel and transportation by limiting the time required to travel to the campus.

Complete Lessons When It’s Convenient
You’ll find more flexibility in terms of completing lessons and assignments. You’ll receive your assignments in advance, and you can do your work any time of the day or night. As long as you meet the stated deadlines, it will be up to you to decide how to organize your routine.

Benefit From Experienced Insight
As you go through the program, you’ll have opportunities to work with mentors and advisors who are familiar with your field of study. Although a low residency MFA visual arts program provides more flexibility and independence, you won’t feel abandoned or forgotten. When you need input and advice, you’ll have mentors to help you avoid common pitfalls and errors. When you want to hone your artistic talents without compromising your livelihood, take a look at the flexible programs that School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers by visiting their website now.