Resources To Use When Teaching Holocaust High Schoolers

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Career and Education

Teaching high school students about the Holocaust without evidence to back it up can be tough. However, the following are four resources that can help your students to understand this topic better.

What is the Holocaust?

It is a genocide whereby six million Jews lost their lives during World War II. It took place between 1941 and 1945. A Memorial Day to mark the day is always held on the 27th of January. On this day, the world commemorates other genocides and persecutions like the events in Rwanda, Darfur, Cambodia, and Bosnia.

Websites on Holocaust

Consider visiting the official Holocaust Memorial Trust website for posters, booklets, and pin badges with your students. Additionally, you can advise them to go through it for further perusal.

Holocaust commemoration videos

A more convincing and eye-catching manner for students to learn about a topic is to hear personal experiences from the victims. Several award-winning videos can be great resources. You can find them in public libraries and institutional websites.

Set of Activities on Holocaust

Some books and websites provide students with activities and discussion questions to test them about the Holocaust. While performing these activities, learners get a chance to educate themselves about the repercussion of the holocaust and the role they can play in avoiding such conflicts.


There is a wide variety of books written by victims of the Holocaust. These can be found in libraries, museums, and bookstores. They provide a realistic view of one of the world’s most devastating events. There are also reliable online resources that can help teach high school students about the Holocaust. You can search for a complete program. Log on to their website, email or call them for more information.

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