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The Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project is Now Available Nationwide!

If you are an educator in California than you already know the value of the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project. The MDTP was a program designed to help students transition to higher learning and be prepared for the college level math classes they would need to take. Initially this exceptional program was only available to state of California students, today it is available nationwide.

It is Exciting News

Educators need access to all the tools they can get to ensure their students success and the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project is one of the best tools to improve math scores to come along in a long time. It is a comprehensive tool that allows educators to:

  • Analyze students progress
  • Customize learning for the student
  • Improve math test scores
  • Help students prepare for college level math classes

This may be one of the most powerful tools you have in your teaching arsenal to help students achieve success in mathematics!

Baselines and More

It is critical that an educator knows exactly what a student’s knowledge base is when it comes to math. Diagnostic tools are essential in gauging a student’s abilities and identifying areas that they are having trouble navigating. Of course, analyzing a student’s progress is just as important to ensure that what is being taught is being retained. The MDTP has been very successful in both arenas.

It is A Simple Solution

Having an online tool that can be used to gather data about a student’s math understanding is one of the easiest ways to gather the information that you need. Knowledge Tools in partnership with the University of California, California State University has developed the online program that administrators and educators are celebrating across the country. Finally, there is an easy way to get students prepared for higher levels of math!