Advance Your Education With a Master in Textile Degree

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Career and Education

Earning a master in textile degree allows you to move forward in your career path. Perhaps you have always dreamed of being a knitwear designer. Maybe you have an interest in woven fabrics using fibers sourced from exotic places. Perhaps you would like to start a company that focuses on sustainable upholstered furnishings, rugs or draperies. No matter what your goals are in the area of textile design, our faculty and staff are ready to help you achieve them.

There are many areas of study within our master’s degree in textiles program. We offer coursework related to design for textiles that will be worn. Our course offerings also include textile design for home furnishings. Perhaps you are interested in the design of textiles for use in transportation, such as car seats or carpeting. We also have courses related to those areas of expertise.

Within our program, we also have courses related to the origins of fibers, textile history, artistic textiles and sustainable practices in the textile industry. We help our students find internships and partnerships with local textile manufacturers, designers, artists and researchers. Our students have gone on to have successful and satisfying careers in the research and development of innovative textile materials, in the design of textiles for wear in extreme environments and in environmentally-friendly textiles for use in green buildings.

Studying textiles at our educational institution gives you the chance to partner with our world-class faculty and graduate students. To advance your career to the next level or expand your skills for personal enjoyment, begin your master in textile degree with us at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You may also visit us online at to learn more about our master’s degree program in textiles.

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