The Low-Res MFA Program from SAIC – An Educational Program for Your Life and Schedule

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Art And Design

At SAIC, their Low-Residency MFA program is designed for students who want the community and support a traditional MFA program offers, only with a structure that’s more flexible and suited towards busy lives and schedules.

SAIC is an art and design school that’s located in one of the largest cities in America. As an educational leader for over 150 years that has turned out some of the world’s most influential artists and designers, SAIC offers unparalleled, quality art education.

More About The Low-Residency Masters of Fine Arts Program

The Low-Residency MFA program at SAIC integrates studio work with art history, theory, philosophy, and poetry. With a robust curriculum and flexible hours, students who have other responsibilities outside of school can get the education they want and deserve through an innovative combination of on-campus and off-campus coursework.

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