Holocaust Survivors Share Their Emotional Stories With the World

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Career and Education

Rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe

When you listen to Holocaust survivor stories, you will surely understand some of the root causes of a genocide against European Jews. People who survived the brutal concentration camps usually emphasized the rise of anti-semitism before World War II. When the Nazis seized power in German, they quickly enacted unjust and harsh laws against all citizens with Jewish heritage. Holocaust survivor stories usually provide plenty of insights on pogroms and other attacks on Jews in Germany or other neighboring countries. For example, Kristallnacht was perhaps the most notorious pogrom before WWII. Also known as the Night of the Broken Glass, this horrific event culminated in the destruction of lots of Jewish-owned businesses and synagogues. Holocaust survivors often reflect on the rapid rise of anti-semitic sentiments through much of Europe in the 1930s.

Final Solution

The Nazi regime proposed and enacted the Final Solution, which was supposed to exterminate all Jews throughout Europe. Holocaust survivor stories focus on this cruel plan that was eventually executed by the highest level of government. Millions of Jews were forced into dozens of concentration camps during WWII. The survivors typically share their memories on the arrest and imprisonment at these facilities. You will also learn about the aftermath of the liberation, which was mostly done by the United States and Soviet Union. The survivors left behind piles of bodies and other remains of loved ones and friends at these death camps.

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