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Were You Looking for Information on an Art Education Degree in Chicago, IL?

Art Education Degree

Attend a school like this, get an art education degree, and learn from world-class artists. The educators employed here have experience working with students from all demographics. Plus, they focus on preparing alumni to embrace careers as artisans and educators.

Master of Arts in Art Education

The MAAME program creates educators, designers, curators, organizers, and activists. By implementing pedagogical principles based on social justice, a holistic approach is taken. Moreover, socially engaged art and collaborative practices work together, creating a full-bodied curriculum. Whether you would like to work in a museum or art center, a Master of Arts in Art Education would be a fine choice.

Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching program utilizes similar concepts. However, it preps students to serve communities as teachers and educators. Along the way, pupils will develop artmaking skills and learn how to teach them. Once completed, this program meets Illinois requirements for licensing as a K-12 teacher. Furthermore, the teacher preparation program ensures students meet licensure requirements in other jurisdictions.

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Emphasis in Art Education

The BFAAE program educates students in art, education, and visual design. After enrolling, you will be shown key pedagogical principles and taught how to use them. Moreover, program graduates often secure well-paying jobs as teachers in Chicago Public Schools. Whether you want to teach elementary students or work at a museum, this curriculum will help. Besides, it includes all the prerequisites required for teaching licensure in Illinois.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago is an accredited learning institution that teaches art and visual design in Chicago.