The Important Benefits Of K-12 Social-Emotional Learning Programs

by | May 12, 2022 | Career and Education

Helping children navigate challenges in and out of the classroom can be challenging for both parents and educators. Traditionally, academic and social-emotional challenges have been considered separate, leaving any issues not directly academic related at the door. However, a whole child approach that includes social-emotional learning programs has been proven to help students both in and outside of school.

Understanding Social-Emotional Learning or SEL

Social-emotional learning programs, or SEL programs, are founded in basic human development. As we grow from childhood into adulthood, we learn to understand and manage emotions. When we can identify emotions in various situations, we can more successfully express our own needs, while also showing empathy for others.

The Benefits of Elementary Education SEL Programs

During their primary education years, children do best in a positive environment that guides as they grow. The goal is to teach the skills that develop young adults who have a strong sense of self, along with respect for themselves, for the world and for others. SEL programs build the skills that contribute to these positive social behaviors, while also lessening emotional distress, including depression, anxiety, stress and social withdrawal. When students feel positive about their surroundings and have a strong sense of self, they are less likely to have conflict with peers — and their academic growth actually increases.

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