Learning French from Beginning to End Online, at Your Own Pace, & For Free

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Education

One of the oldest and most beautiful languages in the world is French. At one time, French was spoken by more people in the world than anywhere else and seconded only by English. It has been the “second tongue” of royalty for millennia, and continues to be a recognized language in the U.N. French interpreters and transcribers are always in demand. If you want to learn French, French lessons for beginners are online, self-paced and free. Here’s how you can begin this exciting adventure into learning another language.

Learn to Greet, Count, Pronounce

Beginning lessons are very basic. Usually, you will learn how to greet people, count to twenty, learn the alphabet, learn pronunciation, and begin learning common expressions. Once you have mastered these, the online lessons allow you to “graduate” up to more beginner’s lessons that teach you colors, words for family, words for clothing, and words for food.

Words for Everyday Places, People and Things

The farther you go along, the more you learn and it builds on what you have already mastered. Eventually, by the end of the beginning lessons you are able to ask for things, the order in a restaurant, bargain and haggle on the price of objects for sale like a true Parisian, and carry on a simple conversation on
Le Metro in Paris if you choose to do so.

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