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The Benefits of Studying Business Administration at a College or University

Business is one of the most common fields that students pursue at universities across the United States. Majors within the realm of business include accounting, marketing, finance, and management. Business administration is one of the most popular business majors at virtually every postsecondary school that offers such a program in the country. Check out these benefits of choosing this major to better understand why it’s a good idea to enroll in business administration courses in Los Angeles, CA.

The Major Is Diverse Enough to Launch Many Careers

Think of any field of study at any college. It will involve concepts that graduates can later develop and capitalize on by starting and operating some sort of enterprise. That’s why it makes plenty of sense that business administration is one of the broadest degree paths that exist in today’s world of postsecondary education.

MBAs Stack Better on a Bachelor’s in Business

MBAs, master’s degrees in business administration, are highly sought after in graduate business schools all over the United States. Even though people from nonbusiness backgrounds can readily integrate themselves into the required graduate coursework, master’s level business degrees stack more easily and effectively on top of bachelor’s degrees that focus on business administration.

You Can Increase Your Chances of Growing in Your Career

Something that people often value in their employment opportunities is being able to grow in value and climb a particular entity’s corporate or governmental ladder. People who have successfully completed a series of business administration courses in Los Angeles, CA, can more easily become leaders, managers, executives, and directors than many of their contemporaries can.

You can study many subjects here at Platt College — look for a full list of programs at — though it doesn’t make much sense to turn down a shot at a business administration degree.