3 Benefits of a Low Residency Education Program

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Education

Times have changed, and times have not only been disrupted by technology. Culture has changed, too. It used to be that when someone attended a higher education institution that was all they did for the duration of their program. Today, students work or gain hands on experience while completing a higher degree. Higher education has taken this shift into consideration and developed new programs like low residency MFA program.

Here are three benefits a low residency education program offers.


If you are studying to become a medical professional, you are going to gain hands on experience after you have acquired the foundation of your career path. You have to have a certain amount of knowledge before you can perform an invasive procedure on a patient. In the arts, it is a little different. To make a name for yourself, sometimes, you need street cred before you make it in this world. A low residency education program in the arts allows you to keep mastering your craft while learning the techniques that can benefit you down the road.

Blended Programs

For many degrees, a strict focus is required. If you are learning the ins and outs of accounting, your curriculum is not going to stray too far off that path. When it comes to the arts, it is anything but strict. While you may be given technique feedback, ultimately, this field is about beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

Variety of Platforms

A low residency MFA program offers a blended education curriculum as well as more than one platform where you can complete your work. You may have in-class instruction, but you will also have access to an online platform for discussion, posting work and downloading assignments. This offers you freedom while working your way to a degree.

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