Top 5 Ways your Banner Ads can Cut Through the Noise

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Advertising

Banner ads are not a new option for advertisers. With a history of ineffective, low quality, programmatic offerings in the landscape, many marketers have become biased against banner ads. Programmatic is often perceived as ineffective or easily ignored. While some banner ads can fall into these categories, there are steps you can take to make sure your banner ads cut through the noise. Below are 5 ways you can improve your banner ads and start seeing meaningful results.

1. Refine your targeting to your desired audience. Banner ads can only do as much for your business as the audience you’re targeting. Many approach banner ads with the mindset that the only goal is placement on the most well-known and universally visited websites. This strategy can lead to thousands of views, but only a portion of them belong to individuals who would have an interest in your business. Many DSPs and programmatic vendors allow you to place banner ads only in geography relevant to your business and across websites that over-index to your target customer.

2. Make your messaging concise. People may only give your banner ad a cursory glance, which is why it’s important to make sure everything you need to tell them can be absorbed in just a few seconds. It’s tempting to mention all the benefits your service or product may have. Condensing your message to three key points at most can help your business stand out in programmatic placements and make your brand more memorable.

3. Build creative that stands out. What’s more compelling than a static image? A moving one. Animated ads help your business catch the attention of your audience. Using high-contrast designs or bright colors can also draw attention, as many programmatic placements are surrounded by white website backgrounds.

4. Push viewers towards your site with a call to action. You can tell an audience as much as you want to about your business, but if you don’t leave them with an action to take, the time to visit your website may be slower than desired. The right offer or call to action can make them more likely to click or search for your website in the future.

5. Assess your DSP or programmatic provider. Though running a banner ad campaign isn’t inherently complicated, DSPs and programmatic vendors will all have different offerings that conform to your goals and can make it easier. There are multiple options for campaign management, and with self-serve or full-service options, you can be only involved as you’d like. It’s important to assess these offerings and make sure you’re choosing a partner that’s right for your business goals.

If you’re able to take these steps in your programmatic advertising, you’ll find that banner ads can be a more effective, affordable, and easy form of awareness advertising that any alternative. Finding the right programmatic vendor or DSP for your business goals is the biggest key to success, and the experts at Awarity are here to offer guidance through all steps of the process.

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