SAIC Offers An Enriching Education Through Their MFA Sculpture Program

by | Jul 10, 2023 | Art And Design

At SAIC, the MFA in Studio, Sculpture program creates a culturally diverse experience for aspiring sculptors. Students are steeped in an educational program that gives them all the tools they need to contribute to an ever-changing industry. Students learn numerous skills, including metal fabrication, wood-working, mold-making, and more.

Pursuing an MFA in Studio, Sculpture from SAIC allows students to practice sculpture in a broad way through the use of various materials. It’s also a diverse program that focuses on more than just sculpture itself. The program supports interdisciplinary education, including video installation, public art practices, digital 3D modeling and fabrication, mixed-media work, and more.


Through the MFA in Studio, Sculpture program, students get to interact with their peers and SAIC faculty members. This enables collaboration and promotes community, which furthers artistic expression and promotes the evolution of ideas.

Lectures are given by visiting artists and students receive the opportunity to present their work alongside them in a public lecture series. Students in the MFA in Studio, Sculpture program benefit from these experiences as well as interdepartmental collaborations.

For more information on the MFA in Studio, Sculpture program, contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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