Online Math Tutor-It’s the Solution

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Career and Education

You want the best for your child, and it can be difficult to watch them struggle with math but it can also be very difficult to get them the tutoring that they need. There are 3 primary barriers to getting math tutoring that can be overcome with an online math tutor.

What Parents Say About Tutoring

There is a very high percentage of parents that agree that their child could use some extra help in math but there is also a high percentage that point out the 3 following obstacles to getting tutoring:

1. In school tutoring is just not that effective
2. Traveling to an offsite location is not possible
3. Allowing a stranger in the home to tutor is not something that parents feel comfortable with

Many parents state the obvious when it comes to after in school tutoring. If a child is struggling with the teaching method that is being used during the math class, they will not likely take a lot away from the same method being used during after school tutoring sessions. In many cases the math teacher will provide the material to the tutor or do it themselves. Sometimes a fresh perspective for a tutor that is not affiliated with the school can help with learning.

The Time Factor

Many parents work outside the home or have other children in the home or just have scheduling conflicts. Most families cannot commit to an after-school tutoring program that requires driving to an offsite location. It is not practical.

Inviting a Tutor In

Most parents said that they would feel uncomfortable allowing a tutor in their home with their child unless they could be sitting right there which of course relates back to the time factor issue.

Growing Stars offers an online math tutor program that removes the obstacles and helps your child to learn!

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