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Do You Meet UK COC Eligibility?

You completed your training. You did everything you were supposed to do. Do you now meet UK COC eligibility? There are a variety of steps you need to take to meet the expectations and goals of those working as a Deck and Engineering Officer. Keep in mind that this type of work allows you to work on merchant vessels and yachts, doing some of the most important and sometimes dangerous work. The UK government wants to be sure you can do those tasks properly and safely before allowing you to do them.

What Goes Into Eligibility?

There are several steps to meeting UK COC eligibility. This does differ from one position to the next (deck officers are different from engineer officers, electro technical officers, and others).

One of the things you will need to provide is applicable ancillary course certificates along with evidence that you completed the MCA approved training as well as the additional education that is required to work in this field.

In addition to this, you need to provide a certified copy of your passport and sometimes visa, a discharge book or certificates of discharge, and sea service testimonials. You may also need to have a medical fitness certificate.

Finding the Help You Need

When it comes to meeting UK COC eligibility, it sometimes is necessary to seek out additional help and support, especially if you need to complete courses and necessary training. Organizations are available to help you to meet these goals.