Locating Influential Holocaust Memorials can be Done Quickly

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Education

Holocaust memorials are extremely sacred, so they can be hard to find in that regard, but following a few quick steps can lead you in the right direction.

The first way to locate Holocaust remembrance memorials would be to contact Jewish community centers. Most cities have one or more of these centers. Some Jewish community centers are museums themselves. Not only will you be able to see real artifacts and donate to Holocaust charities, but you may also get the opportunity to meet some real Holocaust survivors.

Another way to locate Holocaust remembrance memorials and the like would be to search social media pages. You can get creative and use many different search terms on a social media page. There is a social media page out there for almost every type of Holocaust memorial. Some memorials are even all online these days. This is not only a great way to experience different Holocaust memorials, but this also gives you a chance to meet unique Jewish people and dive deeper into Judaism.

A great organization that promotes Holocaust remembrance programs is Zachor. This organization operates fully online with brochures, live online tours, and more. There are also several events held in person each year, too. What makes this organization even more special is the fact that it was founded by Ben Lesser, who himself is a Holocaust survivor. Ben Lesser has vowed to always spread awareness about the Holocaust so that the world never forgets it. You can visit ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation for more information.

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