Living A Life That Matters: Ben Lesser’s Story

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Career and Education

Ben Lesser is a Holocaust survivor whose remarkable story of resilience and determination serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Born on December 19, 1928, in Krakow, Poland, Lesser’s life took a drastic turn when the Nazis invaded his homeland during World War II.

At the age of 13, Lesser and his family were forcibly relocated to the Krakow Ghetto, where they endured overcrowded and deplorable living conditions. Tragically, Lesser’s father was killed during a selection process, separating the family forever.

In 1944, at the age of 16, Lesser was transferred to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. His life in the camp was filled with unspeakable horrors, including witnessing the death and suffering of countless individuals. Despite the dire circumstances, Lesser managed to survive the unimaginable through sheer determination and a will to live.

Towards the end of the war, Lesser was forced on a death march to the Dachau concentration camp. Eventually, he was liberated by American forces on April 29, 1945, marking the end of his agonizing ordeal.

After the war, Lesser immigrated to the United States, where he began rebuilding his life. He worked hard and established a successful career in real estate, all while carrying the weight of his traumatic past.

In his later years, Lesser became an advocate for Holocaust education and dedicated himself to sharing his story. He founded the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, named after the Hebrew word for “remember,” with the mission of preserving the memory of the Holocaust and promoting tolerance and understanding.

As a public speaker, Lesser has traveled around the world, sharing his firsthand account of the Holocaust and inspiring audiences with his message of resilience, hope, and the importance of standing up against hatred and prejudice. He has spoken at schools, universities, conferences, and community events, ensuring that the memory of the Holocaust remains alive and relevant for future generations.

Ben Lesser’s Holocaust survivor story and those of others like him serve as a powerful reminder of the atrocities of the past and the need for compassion, understanding, and social justice in the present. His story of survival and his dedication to promoting tolerance stand as a beacon of hope and a call to action against discrimination, hatred, and genocide.

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