Why It is Important to Teach Students About the Holocaust in Las Vegas, NV

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Career and Education

There are many reasons to make the Holocaust a part of the curriculum for middle school students.

Teaching the Holocaust to middleschoolers helps explain the dangers behind state-sponsored persecution. It also helps young people to recognize the signs of a potential atrocity. In the end, this curriculum prepares children for the dangers and social injustices that occur in the world. It also inspires them to take action as agents of social change.

Some of the Main Reasons

There are a few underlying reasons that all middle schoolers should participate in an interactive Holocaust curriculum. The subject matters teach students the value of ensuring that everyone has equal rights. It also shows how fragile humankind can be at different times in history. In addition, it promotes leadership and social consciousness to help create the leaders of the future.

A History Lesson

The Holocaust is a very important part of history. The circumstances leading up to this time period highlight the state of society around the Second World War. It also shows the important role of organizations such as the United Nations. Teaching the Holocaust to middle schoolers will assist students in understanding the need for constitutional norms.

An International Perspective

One other important message to draw from a Holocaust curriculum concerns the power of the international community. The contemporary standards for international criminal justice were laid following the occurrence of the Holocaust. These subjects help students learn about the critical role played by the international community of human rights activists.

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