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A Couple of Ways You Can Create Awe-Inspiring Fine Art with Printmaking

Whether you are an artist or an art enthusiast, you have likely heard of printmaking. Essentially, printmaking involves creating multiple copies of an image with some artistic flair. The basic tools of this process include ink, a screen, and some type of block. In some cases, artists may even employ stencils. The end result is a beautiful, artistic piece that contains deep shadows and clean lines. Learn more about a couple of methods of creating art through printmaking.

The Intaglio Method

When you use the Intaglio process, you really combine a few different printmaking techniques. These prints start with a metal plate. The most common materials for the plate include zinc, steel, or copper. You cut grooves in the plate by applying acid or by using a knife-like tool. The next step is to use ink to fill in the depressions. Finally, a high-pressure process is used to pull ink from the depressions onto the paper.

There are actually a few sub-categories to the Intaglio process. Some artists utilize engraving to get the job done. A special tool, called the burin, is used to create the lines of a design. Drypoint is the process of creating softer lines using a sharp needle. Etching involves using a sharp tool along with the acid-resistant wax ground. The whole piece is then put into an acid bath to add darkness to the lines. Finally, Mezzotint uses a serrated tool to create a burr on the surface. Burnishing tools are then used to create a deep-colored black. You will likely become familiar with all of these methods when obtaining your MFA in printmaking.

Lithographic Techniques

Another type of printmaking is referred to as lithographic. This is more of a chemical process. It uses grease and water to get its unique look. Interestingly, this method is entirely planographic or done with a flat surface. After the preparation stage, ink is rolled over the surface. Next, the paper is placed over the base to create a print.

Learning More About Printmaking

To become a full-fledged printmaker, you should consider an MFA in printmaking. This is a great field to study in Chicago. At the end of your studies, you can hone your skills to create breathtaking prints.

To learn more about studying printmaking in Chicago, IL, contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago today.