Benefits of Using an Online Grant Management System

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Software

Getting money for something has many moving parts, such as applications, reviews, and reports. You can do a lot with a spreadsheet and an email tool, but the cats will be gone in no time. The right grants management software can save you time and ensure that you follow the rules by streamlining processes, making reporting easy, and doing background checks automatically.

An online grant management system can save you time and help in the following ways.

Simplify Information

One of the best things about grant management software is that it creates a single source of truth for all the information about a grant program. You don’t have to enter the data by hand when you use grant apps that automatically enter information into your grants management system. With integrated applications, you eliminate an extra step in the process and check that the data is correct and full. Plus, there are many ways to get news about your donations and the people who receive them.

Convey Impact

Your impact story has many parts, so the ways you report on it should also have many parts. An online grant management system lets you make dashboards that you can change to quickly see how you are doing in reaching your goals. These dashboards can show you how much money you’ve gotten by program area and how many applications you’ve had in a certain time frame.

For example, if your company wants to get more first-time applicants, you can put that graphic right in the middle of your dashboard so you can always see how things are going.

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